Workroom Supplies
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Information on Shir-rite Shirring tape, Single and Double Cord Shirring Tape, Roman Shade Tube Tape and Roman and Balloon Shade Tape, as well as Woven Twill Tape and #10 and #20 Cotton Snap Tape.

Shirring & Sewing Tapes (168 K)

Information on a variety of drapery tapes including 3 and 4 Cord Pencil Pleat with and without loop backing, Box Pleat Tape, Regular and Multi-Pocket Best Pleat and Perfect Pleat tape, Austrian Loop and Shirring Tape as well as many others.

Drapery Tapes (428 K)

Information on permanent finish crinolines of different weight and grades including Superior Heavy Weight Woven Perma-Crin, Ever-Firm, MM, LastaFirm, Pellon, and Hovotex as well as Fabric Stiffener.

Permanent Finish Crinolines (88 K)

Information on both packaged and unpackaged drapery weights that are uncovered or covered in either vinyl or cloth. Shapes include round, square and triangle. Weighted cloth tape is also included.

Drapery Weights (128 K)

Information on Pleater Hooks and Nip-Tite Pleater hooks for regular traverse rods and ceiling installations as well as Pin Sharps, End Pins, Jet Pinners and Empire Hooks.

Drapery Hooks (128 K)

Shade products including #8, #10, #12 Screw eyes, Roman Shade Ribs, Brass and White Plastic Rings, 3 and 5 cord locks for Roman, Austrian, and Balloon Shades, Cord Pulleys, Tenter Hooks and various cord weights.

Shade Products (116 K)

Informative Tables on brass, white and clear cord cleats as well as steel and brass tieback hooks. Included in this table is information on Push Pins, Ball Head Straight Pins, Straight Pins and T-Pins.

Cord Cleats, Tieback Hooks & Pins (128 K)

Information on Irons, Steamers, Rotary Cutters and Blades as well as various types of Scissors and Shears are included in these tables.

Adhesives, Irons, Steamers & Scissors (176 K)

This table contains information on Bonded Nylon Tuffing Twine, various types of cable cord, upholstry nails, plastic buttons and decorative nail displays

Nails & Cable Cord (224 K)

Infomative tables on Polyester and Cotton Piping Cord as well as Cotton Mop Cord and Fiber Welt Cord.

Piping Cords (128 K)

Information on Cotton Double Welt Cord, Jet Welt Plastic Welt Cord, Diamond Braided Nylon and Polyester Braided Cord and #3 1/2, #4, and #4 1/2 Traverse Braided Cord.

Welt Cords & Braided Cord (200 K)

Acetate Scroll and Acetate Gimp cord are covered in this doccument as well as Cotton Twill Covered Welting and Chintz welting.

Gimp & Covered Welting (116 K)

Fusa-Trim, Fastac Fastener-Sew-On, and Pressure Sensitive, as well as Sew on Backing, Texicro Hook and Loop and Hook and Loop Sew on are all covered in this Document.

Adhesives & Fastener Tapes (104 K)

Products Covered include various Tool-Less wall hangers, Hot glue gun and melt sticks, Jet Release Wrinkle Remover and Trigger Sprayer in addition to Trim Adhesive.

Workroom Supplies (160 K)

Information on thread available an a variety of Colors as well as tube and bobbin types.

Sewing Thread (1.2 MB)

Information on zippers and zipper acessories of many different sizes as well as Jute webbing and upholstry tacking strips.

Upholstery Supplies (132 K)

This Document covers brochures ranging from how to make a headboard to how to thread a cord lock. There is a wide variety to choose from. Sample Binders are also discussed.

Workroom Selling Aids (104 K)

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